Tim Griffin on Working Across The Disciplines

Tim Griffin?

 Chief Curator and Executive Director of the Kitchen.

 The Kitchen?

 “The Kitchen is a non-profit, interdisciplinary organization that provides innovative artists working in the media, literary, and performing arts with exhibition and performance opportunities to create and present new work. Using its own extensive history as a resource, the organization identifies, supports, and presents emerging and under-recognized artists who are making significant contributions to their respective fields as well as serves as a safe space for more established artists to take unusual creative risks.” –From the Kitchen’s Mission statement.

What’s the deal with this post?

I attended a talk with Tim this past Tuesday. He talked about his life, his time at Art Forum and about the future of The Kitchen.

The most interesting part of his talk was on what’s next for The Kitchen, and on how to keep pushing the traditionally understood boundaries of art by working across the different disciplines.

Tim asserted, that contrary to what’s commonly believed, we are living in a more discipline-oriented world. This fixation could be derived from the commodification of art’s education, and on how artist are more dependent on a degree to become successful. It is evident that school won’t provide you with talent, but it definitely provides you with the tools and the networks, which bizarrely enough, are most important in today’s art world.

Tim is eager to keep up with the Kitchen’s tradition of challenging institutional configurations; he proposed the creation of experimental spaces where different art forms will intermingle, ultimately challenging the disciplinary fixation of some forms by allowing collaboration between artists whose work differ in the mediums they use and who are committed to experimental work, while a the same time experimenting with the expectations from the audience.

Tim believes it is most important to break the language fixation. He wants people not to know what to expect, not because of a surprise element, but because the existing lexicon– In terms of experimental works–falls behind in providing enough of a context for the audience. It is clear, however, that there’s always the risk to get stuck in a new-equally-fixed lexicon. However, given the Kitchen and Griffin’s trajectory, their efforts are more likely to keep the art scene fresh and moving.

For more info about Tim and the Kitchen visit: http://thekitchen.org/

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